Patient Satisfaction Survey

Your feedback is important to us.  Are you receiving services from our clinics or PROS program? Please tell us how we are doing.  All responses are anonymous.


At which location are you currently a patient?
How old are you?
How long have you been receiving services here?
How satisfied are you with the time it took from your first contact to your first appointment?
How well is your privacy respected by our staff?
How well did our staff present procedures, fees, and treatment information to you?
How friendly and courteous are the reception staff when you visit or call for services or help?
How easy or difficult was it to schedule your appointment at a time that was convenient for you?
How well do you work with or communicate with your therapist?
How thorough was the evaluation or assessment process when you enrolled in treatment?
How well do your provider(s) help you deal with your problems so you can meet your goals and objectives?
How often has your therapist talked to you about your medical problems?
How often has your therapist talked to you about tobacco?
How often has your therapist talked to you about drug and/or alcohol use?
How satisfied are you with your therapist overall?
How satisfied are you with the your doctor/nurse practitioner?
How would you rate the quality of the care and service(s) you receive?
How much has your mental health improved since your first visit for this episode of care?
How helpful has our service been in keeping you from going to the hospital or ER for mental health reasons?
How often do you have problems with transportation to or from your appointments at our office?
Would you refer a friend or relative?
Would you return for services if you needed help again?